Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quintessential Eureka -- Rhododendron Day

Our son Patrick has Paris in April; we have Rhododendrons in April. I'm not sure that's a valid comparison, but we do enjoy the resplendent blooms in our newly re-adopted home town. And the town, over the 27 years, has devised a pleasant way of acknowledging April.

It was the first sunny morning in days, so we got Anya and walked the block and a half from our new little house to the parade route. After 40 years in the hills, we bask in the pleasure of being close to things like this.

We arrived just in time to see some of Eureka's finest classic cars.

Anya is 4 now - nearly 5 - and enjoys a happy parade.

Music from the HSU's Marching Lumber Jack's band was very lively.

A VERY short clip of their talent.

How's this for a great example of family fun?

A salute to fine horses. (disclaimer:don't know anything about the candidate except that he has good taste in horses.) Just outside the photo is the "pooper scooper" detail provided by Sequoia Zoo for all horse entries. It consisted of a wheelbarrow pusher and friend with a large scoop shovel -- really cute!

Sure glad they're wearing helmets. They appeared incredibly balanced, however.

What's a Humboldt County parade without a tractor?

Parade over - we walk half a block to the American Rhododendron Society Show, Sale, and Garden tour. How can you not have happy eyes with these gorgeous beauties?

Mom's favorite: an apricot color something of a departure from the more pink ladies.

There was a nice bonsai exhibit at the Rhododendron show too. Lucky us!

Later after a bit of kite flying at our neighborhood park, we took in the open house at the Eureka Model Railroad Club. Those guys have a whole world (several of them) in miniature. It's clearly for their own enjoyment and we appreciate that they shared it with us.

Later that evening there was a concert at the Episcopal Church, known for its fine organ. Here is a photo op with the Humboldt Bay Brass Quintet (and friends) during the intermission after their performance of "Suite for Organ, Brass Quintet & Percussion" by Craig Phillips, and just before the Rhododendron Festival Choir presented Mendelssohn's "Hymn of Praise" from his Symphony No. 2 to a very appreciative audience.