Friday, September 3, 2010

Taking a Little Walk Along the Elk River Refuge with **CR Plus

Hikers set out on the mostly flat sandy trail. 
It was one of those clear Humboldt mornings that lets you know summer was waning.  For one thing, it was not shrouded in its usual fog.  The late summer/early fall weather pattern was arriving.  There were about 30 folks who showed up for this Wednesday's hike with **CR PLUS Town and Trail Fitness Walk a delightful program that encourages fitness in folks over 50, but is really an excuse to get out and enjoy some of the truly lovely trails of the area.  
For this event we met at the end of Hilfiker Lane in the parking lot and were walking by 10:30.  It was not a race, but some were energetic.  Everyone went at his own pace. 
The inlet of Elk River in to Humboldt Bay

Silvery beach grasses whisper in the morning wind.
Young Pampas Grass waves its frilly fronds.
Curious wooden barricade seems to control the flow.
The main river channel emptying into the bay.
Some other people had been walking here also.
An old railroad bridge crosses the river inlet.
Books have been written about the historic rails of Humboldt
Wild fennel?  Whatever, it's plentiful and pretty
The spit: river on one side, bay on the other
Where sand dunes meet beach grass meet water weed
The ubiquitous LYFs (little yellow flowers)
Queen Anne's Lace or wild carrot?
Long live the Magnificent Wetlands of Humboldt Bay!

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Marcia and Alan Andre said...

It looks like a beautiful day for a hike along Humboldt Bay!