Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Palco Marsh - REALLY close to home

We heard that the Palco Marsh had some interesting features. We lived quite close -- just half a mile and thought it might be the closest bit of bay life to us geographically and a potentially pleasant place for a lunch. So I packed up some fresh tabouli and and orange each and set out. Here's what we found.

Scotch Broom in full blossom near the RR track- one of several which once serviced the various mills around Humboldt Bay

Unhappily, the brush partly concealed various campsites and various former campsites that were less than pretty. Not pictured were assorted dead shopping carts, rotting sleeping bags and mountains of plastic debris.

We had our lunch near here and watched the little sail boat cavort in the mild breezes.

Kinetic sculpture? Not quite. Not even kinetic. Someone's idea of sculpture tho.

More art. While graffiti is something of an art form in some places, I suspect this isn't.

Perhaps a bit better. More colorful anyway.

There is even a bit of marsh here and there.

ok this is a bit different

Ah, the tell tale signs of an artist and his tools

You've heard of riding the rails? This is writing the rails.
"So long Humboldt -- East bound '99
you will be missed" A bit sad, I'd say.

The marsh has potential but lacks a certain care. A high school class could adopt it as an environmental cleanup project for a few years. Ah, yes, but then there would need to be another place for homeless to stay.

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