Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Walking Tour of Some Eureka Houses

Monthly tours of various Eureka neighborhoods are led by Ruth Moon. This month's was of the Clark District and included the Jefferson School which has lately been in the news.

Ruth has been leading these free walks since 2003. This was the 4th time for this particular itinerary. They are quite popular as evidenced by the participation. It was a lovely cool but sunny morning.

Ruth's printed flyer details many of the homes. This Italianate home has a hipped roof. Decorative fish and flowers have been added just above the windows on the frieze. Patterned shingles on the 2nd story add texture.

This little beauty is for sale.

It is late March and the Calla Lilies (Alcatraces) are in bloom. Look closely for dew drops.

Can only imagine the work ahead for this owner. Already there has been a great deal. Looks like it will be in keeping with the historic theme. Thank you Mr. Owner.

Many of the homes have been converted into apartments. See multiple mail boxes. The window sports a guard kitty.

A small sweetie with renovations totally in theme.

This is a rental and recently painted we are told. Great detailing in the vintage window glass. With all the colors available, one has to wonder about this particular choice.

A favorite! But Ruth says it is deteriorating since it was turned into rentals.

The controversial Jefferson school site, also rapidly deteriorating. Only one of several local schools now facing financial stress and decreased enrollment issues.

A fully restored Craftsman nicely done.

A little divergence from the designated Clark District tour on to Hillsdale street and Eureka's most noted "Painted Lady" The decorative elements (i.e., circular porch entrance) place it in the Queen Anne category. I wonder if they get a bit tired of being photographed.

And her neighbor -- "Painted Lady 220" The Mowry house is another Queen Anne/Eastlake, sunburst details on the brackets, scrollsaw ornaments on the upper frieze, beautiful corner porch, stained glass.

Still a painted lady, but more modestly so. Lovely!! 1904 late Queen Anne with complex gabled roof and classical portico

Another color combination that works well.

The context.

Nice! Across the street with the view in the previous shot.

A little detail -- green growth in the eaves.

Nice character.

At least 3 mailboxes here. AND it takes up the whole lot. You can't say it's inefficient use of space.

Fresh paint. Always an eye pleaser.

Queen Anne with a Colonial Revival porch, built in 1903. Two kinds of patterned shingles and an oval window

I liked the period lights in front as well as the circular balestraded porches -- different!
A very nice way to start a Saturday

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Bo Maietta said...

Hey Mrs. Wheeler!

I was looking at your page and thought I'd say hi. This is Bo Maietta, one of your older students. Glad you posted these old Victorian houses pictures...I actually live in the one where you talk about three mailboxes and use of space (264 hillsdale). Glad you posted these and hope all is well. Miss ya!